As a Certified Master Groomer and Certified Trainer with 40 years of professional service, I can provide consultations regarding your pet's behavior, professional grooming, pet sitting, and a self serve place for you to bathe your dog comfortably. My goal is to educate you to be able to maintain the grooming of your pet. When you increase the home care of your dog, you decrease your yearly grooming expenses. You also increase quality time spent with your dog which decreases problematic behaviors. While this does not eliminate the need for professional grooming, it does increase your pet's quality of life. DOGSBE provides the place and space for you to easily brush, comb, bathe, and groom your pet without the drawbacks of back pain, clogged drains, and the necessary bathroom clean up afterwards. When you bathe your dog more often, your dog leaves less hair and doggy odor in your house. Using the correct shampoo along with a thorough rinse afterwards helps to maintain the health of your dog's skin and coat. Each dog, just like each person, is a unique being with personal preferences and individual needs. Let us work together at DOGSBE to discover what works best for you and your furry friend.

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